What the SMASH! Sisters have to say:


“SMASH has really impacted my self-love and importance in such a positive way. Before it, I was lost in my own mind, I didn’t know who I was or how to love myself and accept my ‘imperfections’. I have truly grown stronger and am learning how to be the master of my own mind.” IT

“By far, I feel like I am connecting more to myself and my mind, I feel happier with so many different parts of my life and more motivated the longer I’m here and the harder I try.” PD

“ I like SMASH because we all get to know each other and can talk about anything here.” AN

“Every week I look forward to the group, there is no judgement here.  It makes me feel safe and like I belong. It’s like a second family.” SK

“The Smash experience helps me to feel calmer and to find new ways to solve my problems.” DD

“This sisterhood is very trustful and relaxing. I like it because we all get to talk about the things we face and can see we all have stuff, I’m not the only one struggling. The things we learn help to calm me down and relax. Everytime I leave the class, I feel so much more positive and happier.” GH

“SMASH helped me to find the real me, who I really am. It feels great, I’ve changed into someone better that I can be proud of.” AO

“This is an amazing and inspiring experience that helped me learn new skills and ideas that help me through the bad days.” TY

“I was feeling so depressed for months, through this program I gained my confidence back and feel lighter.” AR

“As a SMASH sister, we all trust each other and have each others back. We support each other and are a family forever. We all help each other and never judge. We are all TOGETHER!” YM

“I feel grateful that SMASH has come into my life, it has been a really positive thing that’s happened to me. I am lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of sisters.” LH