Are you Cinderella or the Prince in your life?

Have you ever felt like Cinderella before she met her prince? Trapped by your circumstances and powerless to change your life?


I sure have!


I spent many years waiting and dreaming of a prince that will save me from being a victim in my own life.  The ‘One day my prince will come, then I will live happily ever after’ syndrome. Guess what? Never happened.  (Until I became my own prince).


But what about that Prince? He is powerful, strong, confident, and has all the resources he needs at his command.  He is royalty, and expects to get what he sets his mind to.  He’s not waiting for anyone to save him.


When we’re operating from the story of Cinderella we feel victimized, weak, trapped in a life too small and waiting, always waiting.


We can’t see beyond the current obstacles to be able to free ourselves from the dungeon of our circumstances.


When we decide to become our own Prince, we rise out of the smaller, fear based thinking. We access and take charge of the bigger part of ourselves that’s strong, empowered and capable. We begin to believe that we have what it takes to create the life of freedom and happiness that we yearn to live.

So, which character are you living your life from?


The Prince within us is the savior we’ve been waiting for. He represents our Higher Self, the higher mind where all the resources we need to live a fulfilling life are available. When we choose thoughts and beliefs from here, we can perceive the larger possibilities and know we can save ourselves from feeling trapped and victimized.


The Prince was also dedicated to his vision of finding the princess. He didn’t give up even when faced with obstacles. He believed in himself and stayed committed to what he wanted to accomplish.


Today, I invite you to notice areas in your life where you may be feeling like Cinderella, trapped, waiting, unfulfilled. Then, try this experiment.


Imagine yourself stepping into the identity of the Prince, as if you’re trying on a costume. If you were that prince on a quest for your ‘princess’, how would your ideas and beliefs shift? How would you feel about your ability to achieve your goals?


Pretend for a moment, allow yourself to step into a place of believing that you have all the resources you need. Notice what it feels like to think about and create the life you truly want from this place.

Our thoughts create our circumstances. Thinking positive, affirmative thoughts will help to create more positive outcomes.


Write down 3 steps you can take this week to move you closer to the life you’re dreaming about.  Think from your ‘Prince’ self, ask yourself, “If had all the support and resources I needed what would I do next?”


Remember, he didn’t know where that glass slipper was going to fit but he kept trying it on until it landed on what he loved.


What does the glass slipper represent in your life?


Make a choice to lose the Cinderella story and become your own prince today.

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