Clearing Head Trash one thought at a time…


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So, you may be wondering why ‘Garbage Girls’?

When Phoenix and I began talking about combining our expertise and offering a powerful toolkit for transformation, we realized the first place to start is clearing the struggle we all have with old repetitive thoughts.

Most of us know we have these thought patterns that are  unproductive; they can cause uncertainty, fear, anxiety, ‘stuckness’, hopelessness, and just overall unhappiness. So we labeled them trash thoughts.

These are the thoughts we need to clear to create space for the peace, fulfillment, happiness, meaning, creativity, and calm that we all yearn for.

We knew that through the collaboration of our individual specialties, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Self Mastery Meditation, combined with decades of self-exploration, we could help our clients to create that life of fulfillment.

So, we became the Garbage Girls!, helping you clear your head trash and creating the life you deserve!

Our partnership brings together the strength of mind, and wisdom of heart for deep healing and lasting transformation.

We know when the mind is trained to be in service of the hearts true yearning, we live a more balanced, peaceful life. With warmth, compassion, and honesty, we offer you a safe, powerful yet gentle space to release, transform and anchor more deeply to your true source of happiness and love.

Our programs benefit teen girls through the SMASH! Sisterhood, women through the Healing the Feminine programs and both men and women with guided meditation classes for peace and release.

We are the Garbage Girls, we are excited to help you clear your Head Trash and cultivate your Heart’s true life.



Phoenix and Scarlett

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